Thomas, our Farm Manager, and his team farm over 3,000 acres of fertile land; perfect ground for mixed cereals, potatoes and onions. Their collective years of farming knowledge are applied throughout the seasons: preparing the nutrient-rich soil in winter, planting the best quality seed in spring, nurturing the crops through to harvest time. 


Our business isn’t just about farming heritage, it’s about taking care of the future too. Using experience, knowledge and the latest technological innovations in sustainable farming, our team strive to grow the best quality, fresh, nutritious produce possible for consumers to enjoy, all the while nurturing the land for the generations to come. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of all our decisions – in business as well as on the farm, where we use techniques such as soil fertility testing, crop rotation, wide margins and hedgerows to help flora to thrive. Our wildlife area, with a pond, native trees, pollinator bees and flowers, and heritage apple trees all enhance the natural health of the countryside.