What we do

We are family-run business – farming, producing and distributing fresh, great-tasting healthy food, driven by a passion for innovation and sustainability.


Farming’s where it all started for us, the centre of our business. We still take every opportunity we can to work in the fields; planting, harvesting and checking our cattle. 

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Fresh Produce

We grew up passionate about fresh veg; and in 1993, we set up the Country Crest brand to provide pre-packed fresh vegetables to retailers. 

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Prepared Meals

In 2008, we established a prepared foods division, focusing on quality vegetable accompaniments – which lead to the creation of Ballymaguire Foods. 

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Getting product to our customers on time, and ensuring it enjoys a temperature-controlled environment is critical, so we invested in our own fleet and team. 

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Farm Shop

Our Farm Shop continues our family farm tradition, allowing us to stay connected to our communities, to showcase our produce and champion local producers. 

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