At Country Crest we take our ecological role seriously. We are working to combat Climate Change, by reducing the amount of energy and water we use; by recycling and reducing waste; and by actively promoting biodiversity on our land. 



Water is vital to our business, and we are very careful how we use it. Our well on site allows us to monitor water usage and carefully plot against production levels, to ensure maximum efficiency. We also established a water recycling process which recycles water from our primary potato washing facility


Our aim is to minimise waste in our business. Through rigorous measuring and targets we reduce and recycle waste wherever we can. We work with suppliers to reduce incoming packaging. We also work closely with Food Cloud and Tesco to reduce food waste in our business through food donations.



Our business is very focused on how efficiently we use energy and and where it comes from. Our onsite wind turbine provides us with up to 50% of our annual electricity. The remainder, sourced from the grid, is ‘green energy’ only – making us a proud 100% sustainable energy use site.


Nature provides the raw materials for our business. In return we take responsibility for promoting biodiversity on site. We installed a wildlife area consisting of; a pond, native trees and hedging, traditional Irish apple orchard and bee hives. Also, soil fertility testing, crop rotation and a hedgerow management plan contribute to our commitment to biodiversity.



As a business we are constantly finding positive innovations in packaging. We evaluate every pack we use to make sure it is fit for purpose and using the minimum amount of raw material. The majority of our packaging is mono material and fully recyclable. We are also focussing on replacing plastic with sustainable options.