In Developing Countries

At Country Crest, we believe we have a role not just in our own local community, but in the wider global community. Many regions don’t enjoy the tremendous agricultural advantages we’re lucky to have in Ireland. They may lack the water, the soil, the animals and cereals, the climate, the infrastructure and the know-how.


We are working with deserving projects in less developed communities to try and improve people’s lives, by facilitating farming enterprises, promoting food sustainability and helping to raise the standard of living.

We provide mentoring services, secured funding, educational assistance, physical machinery and machinery training, as well as our time and expertise. Enabling ‘food security’ is the backbone of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and is incorporated in our business objectives and operations.


Country Crest and Action Ireland Trust are working together with a number of schools in the Maseru region advising on how to cultivate crops to provide nutritional food for the students and teachers. The surplus food is sold at the market which provides additional income for the school. By partnering with RISE we aim to spread our learnings to other schools.


Ethiopia and Eritrea

We’re working with VITA, helping villages to grow and distribute quality potatoes – a vital hunger-busting food for the region. By developing quality disease free seed and distributing it to local villages, it helps to promote food sustainability, educate farmers, feed and educate families and develop markets to sell produce.