The best Irish produce has sustainability at its heart. Not only does this result in the freshest, purest vegetables but it reflects an ethos that is true to nature. By working together, nature and farming can benefit each other. At Country Crest we embrace this in everything we do to provide a safe, secure and sustainable source of good wholesome food for our customers.

  • We generate electricity through our own wind turbine
  • We operate an integrated crop management system on the farm
  • We use recyclable packaging wherever possible
  • We recycle the water used at the main pack-house
  • We compost the green waste from the onion plant
  • We use greener fuel in our truck fleet and heavy machinery
  • We are also planning the introduction of an Anaerobic Digestive Plant in 2014 which will convert our organic waste stream into energy
  • We continue to promote biodiversity

These are commitments we take seriously as they reflect our passion for agriculture, the land, our people and our environment. Our green ethos is what drives our company in the way we farm and produce our food.