We grow the most popular Irish potato varieties in North Dublin and through our Irish grower network. When certain varieties are not in season or it is not possible to grow them in Ireland, we import from trusted growers with whom we have built long standing relationships. This allows us to satisfy our customers and Ireland’s consumers with a quality and diverse range of potatoes, all year round.

Country Crest specialises in Private Label potatoes, which means you rarely see our own brand mark anywhere on the packaging; instead it will have the respective supermarket label.


Types and Varieties


The most typical varieties that we grow, import, pack and sell are:




Rooster is the most widely grown potato in Ireland and is available all year round. It is the most popular variety due to its all-round cooking characteristics. The variety has a distinct red skin with yellow flesh. The good skin finish and uniform shape with shallow eyes makes it easy to peel. Very versatile and great for a wide range of uses. Recommended: Every way!

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, available year round




Cultra – probably the most popular white variety in Ireland. Cultra has a white skin finish, pink eyes and a creamy flesh. Orla is also a popular white variety– a newer Irish variety and earlier maturing.  Slightly waxier in texture than other whites, with a pale skin finish and  yellow flesh. The White varieties are most suitable for baking, boiling, roasting and steaming. Recommended: Steaming

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, available year round


New Season: Premier or Home Guard


Traditional first early potato grown of the season. Loose Fluffy skins with a pale fleshy centre. Often sold in their natural soil from harvest. First early new season  potatoes boast a smooth, dense texture and rich floury flavour

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from May through July


New Season: Queens


White flesh and white skins, with firmer skins than the first early new season variety. Generally Queens begin to replace Premier or Home Guard in the market place in late June and become the mainstay of the Irish potato market for the summer.   This variety has a white skin and flesh and a notably floury tecture. Perfect for boiling, steaming, roasting and chipping. Recommended: Steaming!

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from June thru September


Kerr’s Pink


A traditional main crop variety. They have white skins with some pink pigmentation, deep eyes and a cream flesh.  Kerrs Pink variety tends to be flourier than Roosters and therefore slightly more care is needed when cooking. Versatile like the rooster. Perfect for; boiling, steaming, baking, chipping and mashing. Recommended: Steaming or Mashing!

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from August thru May / June


Golden Wonders


Full flavoured traditional Irish potato and the most floury of all varieties. Darker, russeted skin colour with a distinctive mealy texture and nutty taste.  Difficult to boil as they are so floury so care must be taken when cooking. Suitable for boiling, steaming, mashing or baking. Recommended: Baking!

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from October through July


Baby Potatoes


Maris Peer & Gemson are the most popular Irish varieties of Baby Potatoes.  These varieties tend to be waxy and can vary in skin and flesh colour. They often have thin skins and sometime not fully formed

Annabelle & Exquisa are import varieties. These are typically imported from UK, EU or Israel.  These varieties tend to boast a general creamier flavour than other baby potatoes.

Baby potatoes are ideal for salad toppers, side dishes or any quick and easy recipe idea. Recommended: Steaming or Microwaving!

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from September thru March. Non-Irish varieties available year round.