Who we are

Goodness is at the heart of great Irish food. The goodness of fresh, pure, natural produce grown locally in rich, fertile soil. The goodness of quality nourishment that keeps our bodies healthy and strong. This has always been a proud part of our heritage at Country Crest.


As a family farm, we understand that in the 21st Century there’s more to farming than being passionate about our produce. We need to be just as passionate about working sustainably; to respect our environment and to give back to the land that gives us so much.

We’re committed to sustainable production directly from the source, and are always challenging ourselves to keep improving, innovating, and ploughing ahead.

Michael Hoey

Our story is one of authenticity and local heritage, dedication and innovation, and ultimately a commitment to providing our customers near and far with only the best beef, fresh produce and prepared foods

What makes Country Crest truly different runs deep. We were raised to respect and nurture the purity of the land and its underlying promise to nourish us – today and for generations to come.