We are Ireland’s only commercial producer of onions, providing all year round supplies of a wide range of onions, including browns, reds and shallots. Country Crest grows up to 3000 tons of onions per season (mid August to April).

We have total control and traceability from field to fork. Our knowledge and farming expertise is combined with the most up to date technical support systems to ensure we get the best from our crop. To satisfy demand we use three dedicated specialist growers, providing them with a full agronomy service and drying, curing, grading and packing facilities.


Types and Varieties


Onion varieties depend on seasonality and harvesting cycles as well as shape, skin colour and yield.

Due to the nine month Irish growing season, Country Crest imports onions via trusted partnerships with European and Southern Hemisphere growers. All partners are certified to the highest standard to grow, pack and distribute their produce.

We have also formed partnerships with Organic growers in Holland and Egypt to ensure we supply only the highest standard of Organic produce.

The most typical varieties that we grow, import, pack and sell are:


Brown Onions


Brown Onions are full-flavored and are a reliable standby for cooking almost anything. Brown onions turn a rich, darker brown when cooked and give recipes, such as French Onion Soup, a tangy sweet flavour.

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, available August to April. Imports available all year round.


Red Onions


Red Onions, with their wonderful colour, are a good choice for lots of fresh or raw uses, or for grilling, charbroiling and roasting.

Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, available August to April. Imports available all year round.




Most varieties are smaller than onions, have finer layers and contain less water. A shallot’s flavour is much milder and sweeter than an onion’s. Their lower water content means they need to be cooked more gently than onions.

Source & Seasonality: Imports available all year round.