Halalele High School (Lesotho)

This educationally-focused project is conducted by the partnership of Country Crest, Portmarnock Community School and Action Ireland Trust. The Halalele High School in Lesotho has approximately 300 pupils and it is now engaged, with the above partners, in a vegetable and potato growing project to educate and promote the importance of nourishment, food security and food production in a sustainable manner.

The primary aim of the project is three-fold: food and nourishment for the school children; introduction to agricultural science as part of the educational curriculum; and generating funds for the school via the sale of quality grown produce.

What started as a basic level ‘key hole’ gardening training programme has developed into a sustainable 10 acre field of potatoes maintained by the school and its pupils. Going forward, these pupils and school staff members can utilise the knowledge from this project and use it to develop the Agricultural Science curriculum within the school, thereby benefitting the pupils and generations to come.